Thoughts of decorating the home for Christmas

This year whilst you make your home look beautiful for Christmas, why not choose a different colour scheme. Move away from the traditional red and gold that most of us tend to use year after year. 

I am going to design some floral displays which include the less used colours of blue and silver; black and gold and green and white. Instead of the bright red why not try a deep burgundy or keep to a natural theme by using twigs, fir cones and holly from the garden.

Catch up with me again soon, and let me know what you think.

Sandra's Floral Thoughts

How can I make fresh cut tulips last longer?

Whether you enjoy tulips as cut flowers or grow them in the garden, ensuring they survive for as long as possible allows you to make the most of these spring blooms. With proper care, the flowers can remain in bloom for two weeks or longer.