My love of flowers

Thinking back to when I was a child, was when my love of flowers began. I used to stay with my Grandmother most weekends in Purton, she had the most wonderful garden it seemed to me. 

It was what I would call a proper cottage garden, mostly flowers with a small lawn at the bottom with a huge old cooking apple tree in the centre of the lawn with an old wooden chair underneath.

The flowers she grew were all the old cottage garden favourites, delphiniums, foxgloves, lupins, roses, pinks, cornflowers and my favourite at that time Canterbury bells or as Gran used to call them cups and saucers.

She let me have a small area where I could grow my flowers. It was lovely soil in my little garden, I would plant my seeds care for them, and they would repay me with beautiful flowers.

Sadly she is no longer with us, but as a lasting tribute to her I continue to pursue a career with my love of flowers.


Sandra's Floral Thoughts