Autumn all around us

As we move towards autumn, we experience the cooler temperatures and darker mornings and evenings. Like animals we may feel like hibernating during this period, we know that the much colder weather of winter is just around the corner. Try if you can to enjoy the misty mornings with the beauty of the lovely colours of the leaves which are turning into many different shades of reds, oranges, copper and gold.

As you walk through the leaves on a crisp bright morning, being warmed by the brief bursts of lovely sunshine. There is so much pleasure to be had as you take in the surroundings I love the smell of a bonfire as garden waste is collected and burnt during a tidy up in the garden.

Look out as you walk along for the spiders webs glistening in the sunlight after an earlier frost. Enjoy watching the birds as they hunt for juicy berries on many of the lovely coloured shrubs that we can see around us at this time of year.

Sandra's Floral Thoughts

How can I make fresh cut tulips last longer?

Whether you enjoy tulips as cut flowers or grow them in the garden, ensuring they survive for as long as possible allows you to make the most of these spring blooms. With proper care, the flowers can remain in bloom for two weeks or longer.

Mothers Day – 31st March 2019

Mothering Sunday or Mothers Day, on 31st March 2019, is with us again in less than two weeks, a special day to share your love and memories with your Mum.