How can I make fresh cut tulips last longer?

Whether you enjoy tulips as cut flowers or grow them in the garden, ensuring they survive for as long as possible allows you to make the most of these spring blooms. With proper care, the flowers can remain in bloom for two weeks or longer.

Cut Flower Care

Cut tulips can remain in bloom for up to 14 days with proper care.

  1. Select flowers with tight, unopened buds to enjoy the entire flowering period after you get them home.
  2. Dissolve a packet of cut flower preservative in a vase of lukewarm water. The preservative provides nutrients so the tulips can live longer. Before placing the tulips in the vase, trim off the bottom 1 inch of each stem at a 45-degree angle to help with adequate water intake.
  3. Keep the tulips in a cool area, in bright but indirect sunlight to prolong flowering.
  4. Replace the water every two days, or sooner if it begins to discolor.
  5. Remove old stems as the flower fade, so the remaining tulips can remain in bloom for as long as possible.

Sandra's Floral Thoughts